Piran - Pirano

Piran is a very special, precious city, one of the oldest in Slovenia

(Association of Historical cities of Slovenia:

Nestling close to the sea, it has retained its mediaeval character, and has many secrets to discover, from the marine protected area: natural monument Cape Madona (with extremly diverse animal and plant life),

Aquarium (,

The museum of Underwater Activities Piran (,  the Maritime Museum "Sergej Masera"


ancient city walls,

venetian – style architecture,

numerous squares,

music events,

the nearby salt – drying fields: "Sečovlje salina nature park" (www.kpss/eng/park/382) ,

bird watching

and a host of excellent waters edge restaurants featuring mediterranean cuisine, wine tasting and spectacular evening sunsets....p


For people who love art: we have dancing summer schools and performances on main squere, Tartini squere (free of charge and at doorsteps of apartment Andromeda), design is present everywhere (Piran has the soul, thats what people say..), floral art is seen on vegetable market and on big religious holidays as decoration of churches and streets, mosaics can be admired and learned how to make them in a craftman shop (just few steps from apartment Andromeda), paingings are big deal in Piran: we have

 Extempore international festival (Forty-eight years ago in the picturesque setting of Piran, with its rich historical and cultural heritage, a group of local painters led by Pavle Zamar Zappa, who conceived the idea, organized an unusual event: artists from all over the world were given a precisely set amount of time to make paintings that were then judged and awarded by an expert jury. The basic concept of the event – which they named Ex-tempore (from Latin ex tempore: “from the time; on the spur of the moment”) – has remained to this day. Later, similar events, all modelled on Piran’s Ex-tempore, spread to other parts of what was then Yugoslavia, and today we find them in other Slovene cities, in Croatia, Italy, and Austria, and elsewhere. But Piran’s Painting Ex-tempore maintains its status as the oldest such event in Europe with an uninterrupted history, thanks in large part to the work of Anton Biloslav, the long-time director of the Coastal Galleries Piran. Fourteen years ago, the painting event was joined by a second Ex-tempore in ceramics, so that today Piran is known among ceramicists even beyond Europe. The only competitive art event organized by the Coastal Galleries, Ex-tempore attracts the participation of professional and amateur painters and ceramicists from over a dozen countries.

The Piran Ex-tempore, which traditionally takes place in September, has for decades been an extremely important part of the cultural offering for tourists in Slovene Istria. For this reason, in collaboration with our partners, the Coastal Galleries organize a number of accompanying exhibitions and other cultural events to coincide with the competitions. At the same time, Ex-tempore is one of the rare art events that has long made it possible for private collectors and companies to build high-quality art collections through their sponsorship of awards. Nives Marvin, Gallerie Costiere Pirano)

at the end of summer, you can be part of it as a painter, sculptureist or just looking at whole scenery... old and very fameous paintings are in mains churches, special treasure to be discovered in Piran. And new paintings can be found in one of vey many art gallerys of Piran. Sculptures in nature: Forma Viva, 130 sculptures made in white stone, with beautiful view on Adriatic sea, international artists from all over the world.Music: we have public concerts that take place on Tartini squere and other small squeres of Piran, and along the sea in bars and restaurents. All kind of music is played outsaide in summer evenings - just go for a nice walk from apartment Andromeda and in a few minutes you will be soraunded with a soud of music. Big concert hall Avditorij Portotož offers music events all year rounf. Just nice walk or short drive of few minuste to get there.

Photography: competitions and expo take place in Piran.- So much for you to discover: cultural heritage, fairs and traditiones, festivals, guided tours, pleasure...

pmm. pm.

For people who love sports and recreation, Piran offers many possibilitys:

*Morning exercise from 7.30 to 8 00, near the sea for anyone - free! Just few steps from apartment Andromeda! (,

*beautiful long walks (one way walk - the other way with minibus which takes you directly to apartment Andromeda. Destinations: Portorož, Lucija, Strunjan...), list of best walks is all the way down here...

*Jogging, *trekking...

You can discover *scuba diving for the very first time! Nemo divers in laguna St. Bernardin. (And: waterskiing, rent - a- boat, panorama ride, crazy alligator...), the same place: Laguna Sea Park of hotels BERNARDIN have:

*swimming pools with sea water and sea view! Open 7 - 20, free parking minibus takes you there in few minutes; directly from apartment Andromeda. Open from to 20. (Low prices for week days monday to friday.) .p

*bicycling (you have two bikes in apartment Andromeda; and Portorož is a nice ride from Piran 10 to bike.),

*rent-a motor bike if you are not so sport tipe...  

*rolling (from Piran to Lucija thru Portorož and back, takes approximately one hour; but you need your own rollers),

*joga and *thai chi (there are places with a beautiful view, peace, where you can practice your meditation in movement: nearest is at the church on top of Piran; I love to admire sunsets from there...),

playgrounds *for children on Portorož lagune, trough all year - good mini bus conection. too! But apartment Andromeda offers you some toys to play inside and also on the beach and in the sea: children inflatable boat, round inflatable "island", children mini surf, ball, net on the stick for "fishing"...

 *Diving with just ABC equipment in summer or diving with full equipment trough all the year, we have few places where you can rent and take a course too: important to know is that peninsula of Piran has the richest variety of sea life in northern Adriatic sea: and its just in front of apartment Andromeda! With full equipment you can dive trough all year!


*Fitness club in Portorož, trough all year!

*Carting in Portorož.


*Sailing: we have clubs where you and rent a sailing boat (if you have license) or you can rent a sailing boat with instructor; ask me for contact!

*Flaying with small sport airplane to sea Adriatic coast is beautiful experience and not at all expensive one! Small airport is in Portorož. I recommend 15 min flight for 4 persons. You can fly trough all year!


*Rent a boat, not a problem at all...but you need a license or you would have to hire someone!


*Wind surfing! Yes, we have some winds! And wind surfers follow the weather report and they come even from our capital town Ljubljana which is 135 km away to wind surf - right there 200 m from apartment Andromeda! So if you are wind surfing enthusiast you will have a place to leave your wind surf in the basement of apartment Andromeda and you would have to carry your surf just max 100m or even less to get into water. You can wind surf trough all year!   


*Fishing: you can bring your fishing equipment and fish from seashore free of charge; or you can buy local permit ion license for 7eur/day, 27eur/week in tobacco shop Sonček, Trg bratstva 8 (open from 7a.m. to 7p.m.)and fish from boat; or you can ask me for contact with local people who would take you with their boat out on Adriatic sea for fishing.


*Boat trips, fish picnic we have lots of different offers: from glass boat trips, to fish picnic trips, to excursions to Croatia and Italy: but mainly these things function from May to October. Boats are less than 100m from apartment Andromeda, so you can get information directly on the spot.

*Tenis: there are several tenis cords, the nearest in Bernardin hotel compleks. Mini bus free of charge gets you there directy. - Another is: Tenis klub & Mini golf Center Portorož. Obala 26. T: +386 (0) 5 677 40 00. GSM: +386 (0) 41 357 134. E:

*Golf courses are in range of 20 min. drive or more:

Golf Club Trieste, Italy, 41 km from Piran; 40 min drive: - Località Padriciano, 80, Trieste, Italy  - (++39)040 226514

- Kempinski golf, Croatia in Savudrija, cca km 18, 20 min drive from Piran: - Alberi 300A, Savudrija - 052 707 100

- Grado: Tenuta Pimero Camping and Golf : 89 km from Piran, 1h and 22 min - Via Monfalcone, 14, Grado, Italy  -(++39) 0431 896900

Golf Course Lipica, Slovenia, 45 km from Piran, 48 min drive: - Lipica 5, Sežana - (0)5 739 17 24

And for these who would like to *enjoy only - there is Beauty salon just round the corner from apartment Andromeda (out, right, right); relax body massages, feet beauty care, face beauty care, depilation. Telephone (++38) 5 673 25 31 or mobile ++386 41 511 629; maybe the best way is to stop by and make an appointment. Monday, Wednesday 3pm - 8pm; Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9 am - 1pm.  I highly recommend their massage, its excellent value for money!

iIntinerers, events and ideas below in this texst.

Venetians give Piran the beauty of their famous arhitecture, which is tipical for all mediterenian region. Infrastructure of the town was brought by Napoleons Iliric provinces. Slovenians made it better and we gave it a soul!

Best known citizen of Piran was Giuseppe Tartini (1692 - 1770), who has lived in time of Mary Tereza. He is known as magnificent violin virtuoso, composer, music theoretician and pedagogue of worldwide fame. Main square of Piran was given the honour to wear his name.

There is a house where he was born with memorial room.

Opening houers: September - May 11 - 12 and 17 - 18.

June - August 9 - 12 and 18 - 21   Monday closed

Piran has a lot of churches, mainly build in baroque and Romanesqe style. Among them reigns church of  St. .Jurija whose bell tower is modeled by St..Marks tower in Venice

The city of Piran is a national historical monument.

Photo of Tartini theatre in magnificent secesian stile.

And Cafe Teater bar where we love to seat and enjoy every day - its just few steps away from apartment Andromeda!


Piran is member of European Walled Cities Association. Photo of highest wall - where you just must go to see the view! Its just 3 min walk from apartment Andromeda!



From there is beautiful view of the entire Piran with its surroundings. The hill on which church stands is the most beautiful place to monitor a beautiful sunset, after which the city is also known.

Protected coastal waters so called Cape Madona Nature Monument, is known for the largest variety of underwater life in North Adriatic (sea horses). This is also the proper place for divers to to learn the first steps.

As you walk the promenade along the sea or when chatting in cafes with sea views and music, or when you indulge in gourmet delights in one of the many excellent Mediterranean restaurants, you are always accompanied by soothing murmur of the waves, sea views and beautiful sunsets on gives you thefeelingrelaxation , infinity ,romance and freedom .( Ideas for foot paths are below in this text.)

Summer evenings, you can spice up with top classical music concerts in the cloister of the monastery St. Francis and cultural events in the Tartini Square. Just few steps from apartment Andromeda!

For more lively nightlife you can go to a fancy Portorož Casino, night clubs and disco. Taxi and minibus station its raight there, so very close to apartment Andromeda (and jet you dont hear it) - no need to use your car 

Or you go on foot only 60m to Tri papige - night club.

.Beach surrounding the town of Piran is sometimes rocky and sometimes paved, but it also catered for those who want to move away from the hustle and bustle of crowds and visit the nudist beach, which is located right under the cliff of the cape Only 5 min walk from apartment Andromeda!.




Statue of Tartini          Church of. St. George, the patron saint of Piran, rises above                                            the town. From its lookout tower you have a wonderful view of                                       Piran and its surroundings and all the way asross the sea                                               to  the Croatian and Italian coast.

Piran Piran Piran Piran

Piran is known for its restaurants, where you can enjoy Mediterranean cuisine in particular. Quality and friendly service, fresh seafood. Apartment Andromeda is lacated sooo close to sea front restaurants...

If you love art, you will come to your account. In the town of Piran is a number of art galleries, where you can admire the ceramics, sculptures, paintings and photographs.

In Tartini Square is interesting measuring stone that was used during the Middle Ages, when there were no metric system!

Each Slovenian, would be able to tell the story of Martin Krpan, nation legendary hero that smuggeled salt.. Story beagins in Piran.



Piran I sugest that you go for a short round walk the first day on your arrival. The views are beautiful: on photo penisula of Piran.

More information on:


Piran is an ideal place for evening walks along the coast, among which the most popular way to Portoroz. You can ride there by bicycle, which can be found in the apartment Andromeda.

Tourist information center on main squere can provide you with a free map, or subscribe to one of the tours organized by local agencys..


Surrounding Piran
in Slovenia:
In the vicinity of the town of Piran, you may find interesting adventures and experiences. There are many resorts and destinations where you can enjoy.

If you would like to taste Karst wine called Teran and prosciutto, you can visit the nearby karst area, where are the most beautiful karst caves - caves of Škocijan and Postojna Caves; Lipica stud farm with famous Lipizzaner horses and the old town of Štanjel, which is a town under UNESCO protection, because of its special architecture.

If you love hourses, you must see LIPICA STUD FARM (

there is also GOLF in Lipica.

World atraction that you must see is:


and Park ŠKOCJANSKE CAVES protected by UNESCO


Out of Slovenia
The catamaran boat can take you directly to the St. Mark squere in Venice.

One of the largest Roman arena still standing in Pula, Croatia can be visited by car or bus. On the way you can stop in Porec and Rovinj and bathe in the beautiful Lim channel. Good restaurants, too!

If you would like to taste Karst wine called Teran and prosciutto, you can visit the nearby karst area, where are the most beautiful karst caves - caves of Škocijan and Postojna Caves; Lipica stud farm with famous Lipizzaner horses and the old town of Štanjel, which is a town under UNESCO protection, because of its special architecture.

Larger cities around:

the Italian Trieste (36km) and Udine (116km),

Slovenian Koper (18km), Postojna (73km) and Ljubljana (120km)

and the Croatian River (96km) and Pula (92km).


Piran Piran
Piran Piran

Events in Piran

The Saltmakers Festival on 24 April, on the Feast of St. George, patron saint of the town, you can witness the traditional departure of the saltmakers to the saltpans.

The fair of antiques, local crafts and nature*s gifts every last Saturday of the mounth in Tartin*s squere.

Piran musical evenings on Fridays in July and August top-quality classical musical concerts have been staged for more than 30 years.

The Tartini festival: the concert evenings in August and September are devoted to the music of Giuseppe Tartini

Ex-Tempore: in September the town traditionally welcomes painters from various parts the world.

Christmas Nativity scene in Piran churches: from December to the beginning of January, eight Piran churches present the creations of eight artists.


Piran footpath's map  you can order at the Tourist Information Office in Piran main squere, Tartini squere, free of charge

The exceedingly variegated and picturesque region can be experienced and enjoyed in a number of ways and the hiking paths selected for you will acquaint you especially with the area's uniqueness. These paths all lie in the direct proximity of your accomodation and you won't need a car, bus or a taxi to find them, nor a guide to lead you. safe, non-strenuous and panoramic. These footpaths  will lead you trough Piran, Portorož, Lucija, Seča, Strunjan and their surroundings. It is unbelievable how this region becomes even more attractive when seen from another perspective, along paths which are not the regular everyday paths used to get to the beach, to work or to run errands.

Despite their proximity to the urban centres of the Piran region, these attractive foothpaths will delight you in many places with the extraordinary beauty of Istrian nature, cultural landscapes, tranquillity and a number of other features. Nor will those who have a bit of the Robinson spirit in them ramain unfulfilled. This is an area where your gaze will slide from the Croatian Istria towards the northern Italian coast, to the Slovenian Alps and dropping to the edge, an area that will leave you amazed.

The number of possible combinations of the ten footpaths troughout the Municipality of Piran is so numerous that you can select new hiking adventures many times over. A walk along the Piran foothpaths is something beautiful, refreshing and relaxing. It is like a medicine and an experience which is sure to brighten your day. It can be used without prescription and in unlimited quantities.


1. Seaside promenade (13 km)

The longest of the ten footh paths runs almost entirely along the coast. The close proximity of the sea and view of far off to foreign shores and mountains give this path a special charm. The sea promenade connects all the urban settlements of the Piran area and thus comprises the "backbone" of all the remaining foothpath. The entire path in one direction can be covered in seven hours.


2. Piran footpath (3 km)

The path encircling the town presents Piran in a very special light. This town is extremely photogenic from every perspective. Tha path is picturesque, undemanding and a little steep only in a few places. Be sure to bring your camera! A walk along this path represents an hour and a half of afternoon relaxation.


3. Portorož footpath (5 km)

The circular path around Portorož is sure to delight even the biggest grouch. You must be careful in two places when crossing the main road but the remainder, comprising several larger curves where you must take the direction signs into account, is a complete delight. The views, parks, landscape and entertainment are continually changing. This therapy takes slightly less than two hours.


4. Lucija footpath (4 km)

This circular footpath takes you trough Lucija, the largest settlement in the Piran Municipality, proving that Lucija and its environs are extremely colourful and attractive. It is true that the Path is uphill in places, however the entire walk will only take two hours, allowing you plenty of time to replenish your "batteries".


5. Between the bays (2 km)

The path which connects Fiesa and Portorož can be chosen as a short independent path of 45 minutes or one to combine with longer walks. The majority of you will travel along the "goatee's" pathway through unblemished nature and brush. Either way, you can continue your walk along one of the remaining Piran paths.


6. Trough the tunnel (3,5 km)

This footpath connects Strunjan and Portorož via the tunnel of the former narrow-gauge Trst-Poreč railway line. This just has to be experienced. First the splendour of the sun and the next moment complete darkness followed by another surprise as you are transported from the modern and lively town of Portorož into the tranquillity and saltpans of Strunjan in just one hour - unbelievable!


7. Between the olive trees (4 km)

You can arrive at the Portorož-Bernardin region in a number of ways from Strunjan or the Strunjan Valley. One of the paths runs through a tunnel while another will delight you with wonderful panoramic views and an olive orchard. The route, which is a little steep in a few places, takes an hour and a half and is an easy morsel for everyone.


8. Three-country foothpath (5 km)

This footpath, which connects the Strunjan and Lucija regions, is worth the walk due to its extraordinary picturesque quality and the views it offers. It appears almost unreal. All the beauty of the Croatian region of northern Istria appears at the top of the hill between Lucija and Strunjan, as wll as the Italian coast, our own mountains and Istria. Embrace three countries withjust one view! And all this within a walk of just two hours.


9. Strunjan footpath (3,5 km)

It is difficult to describe the beauty, picturesqueness and attraction of this footpath for no words exist for something so exceptional. You just have to experience a walk along this footpath.  It runs along the edge of one of the highest cliffs in the Adriatic and alongside a protected area;however it is not protected itself and this fact must be taken into account. Indulge in a film for a delightful hour, one which only nature can produce.


10. Seča footpath (4 km)

If you desire to completely remove yourself to another world, the Seča footpath would be your best choice. The sea, the Forma viva, tranquillity, the old wooden vessels in the Seča boat repair workshop that overlooks Portorož from a different perspective, the fairy tale environment of the saltpans, the unique "lake dwelling" on the St. Bartholomew (kanal Sv. Jerneja) canal and a million other reasons exist to take this two hour walk and spend an unforgettable day.

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